Pahel Trust


Pahel Tea Stall

Pahel Tea stall has been set up to create livelihoods for the women who run it. Women from the village cook, serve, clean, and deliver the food. They get paid for their efforts and the revenue earned is used by Project Annapurna, where no person goes hungry.

Pahel Sakhi Mandal

Pahel Sakhi Mandals are Self Help Groups which are continuously working towards the betterment of tribal women. Pahel has provided initial financial help to women to set up businesses like pickle making, bamboo handicrafts, brooms, ragi papad, etc.

Project Lakshmi

During the pandemic, many families slipped into a financial crisis. Project Lakshmi helps such families with cash flow for household needs. The project also helps establish local businesses.

Viklang thi Divyang

Pahel helps people with physical disabilities earn their livelihood in a dignified way. They are given sewing machines to start their own tailoring businesses. During the pandemic, they took to making masks.

Aatmanirbhar Pahel

Pahel assists local businesses in taking their products to commercial markets, thus increasing the reach of natural and organic products across the world.