Pahel Trust


Masti Ki Pathshala

Masti Ki Pathshala was started in 2005 to educate and nurture the children of families who can’t afford good education. The initiative is not limited to bookish knowledge but children are taught how to plant trees, clean surroundings and operate banking and government facilities, for the holistic growth of the population.

Project Sarthi

In the tribal stretch of Dharampur, Pahel Classes help rural children qualify for competitive exams. They are provided coaching, mentoring, guidance and motivation to step out as eligible students, like their modern-day urban counterparts. With the help of these classes, students can achieve their goals of admission to colleges, to craft a better future for themselves.

Understand Your Teen

Understanding children is the key to ensuring that children have a content and happy childhood. Pahel provides mental health counseling to children and guides parents with psychological aspects of parenting.

Pati Pen

Pahel has taken the pledge to provide for all aspects of education; right from books, stationery supplies, uniforms to shoes. Girl child education is emphasized, as poverty and lack of awareness harms girl students’ prospects. Pahel organizes book distribution campaigns throughout the year to make sure every child has access to books.

Project Bhantar

Children with learning difficulties or slower learners are given special attention at Pahel. Efforts are made to ensure learning happens seamlessly and is seen as a fun activity that engages children. These remedial classes helps strengthen their foundational learning.

Pahel Book Bank

To ensure availability of textbooks, Pahel has launched “Book Bank” in schools of Dharampur and Kaparada. Book Bank has all the school textbooks along with motivational and other learning books. Students can borrow books from the bank and also donate their old books here.