Pahel Trust


Project Aushad

Seven herbs - Tulsi, Lemon-grass, Mint, Giloy, Adusa, Ajwain and Aloe Vera are given to families in urban areas who do not have land. These herbal plants are distributed so that they could be grown in small areas like balconies and courtyard etc. These specific herbs aid with immunity and safeguard people from disease.

Project Hariyali

Pahel has facilitated plantations of Mango, Chikoo, Teak, Amla, Black-berry, Jamun, Lemon and Bamboo trees across Dharampur. These support tribal farmers, and add to the greenery and biodiversity in the area, reviving forests.

Sarita Shuddhi

The Swargavahini river which flows through Dharampur is prone to pollution from sewage and other trash. The Sarita Shuddhi campaign, a social media initiative, exposed the ill effects of this pollution. This resulted in the government conducting a comprehensive river cleaning effort. We also run awareness campaigns and river cleaning drives with youth in Dharampur and Kaparada.

Project Swash

Most tribal families rely on wood fuel for cooking meals in a mud based stove (Chulha). This uses a lot of wood and generates more smoke. Gas chulha usage is expensive making most families rely on cheaper and more readily available options. Pahel distributed eco-friendly smokeless chulhas to needy families, helping them cook in better conditions.

Project Ajwash

Under this project, Pahel distributes solar lights to needy families, especially in remote areas that do not have electricity. Our solar lamps are helping children study at night and also encourage women to use toilets without fear.