Pahel Trust



Tribal people in South Gujarat face numerous socio-economic challenges owing to the unique topography and historical neglect. Addressing these challenges requires working collaboratively with people and amongst the community. Pahel Charitable Trust has developed various initiatives in the villages and towns in areas of education, health, humanitarian assistance and sustainable agriculture. These initiatives are a step towards creating resilience and self-sufficiency.

Pahel Charitable Trust today is known for its exemplary work in this area. Through our efforts, we strive to make the people self-dependent and skilled in their areas of interest. Our efforts towards humanitarian assistance have also been hugely successful. We hope to continue maximising our reach and doing good work not just for the people, but with them.


Many families did not have access to a basic education as a result of socio-economic reasons. To bridge this gap, Pahel started various initiatives to help people achieve holistic growth.


Pahel has stood at the forefront in providing medical supplies, hygiene care products and food to one and all. Even during the pandemic, efforts were made to reach the afflicted and needy people.


Pahel ensures those in need are well taken care of. Whether it is in the form of physical support or emotional assistance, Pahel has always responded to cries of help from every strata of society.


Pahel is taking conscious steps towards environment conservation with strong initiatives like tree plantations and awareness drives to help people develop good relations with their natural surroundings.


Without a good source of livelihood, it is difficult to thrive in today’s world. Pahel has helped many families come out of poverty by assisting them with income generating avenues.


Pahel actively works with farmers to improve the quality of agriculture in the area. We distribute tools for farmers to farm smoothly. We have also been educating farmers on good agricultural practices to ensure better yield.


Compassion for animals is an essential part of Pahel’s work. Through our initiatives, we ensure they are well-fed and taken care of so that they too can lead a life of dignity.


In times of crisis, Pahel has helped the community by distributing food and essential supplies. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Pahel helped several families with timely and necessary assistance.