Pahel Trust

Humanitarian Assistance

Project Annapurna

Project Annapurna makes sure not a single person goes hungry. Pahel has been delivering food to everyone in the villages, including destitutes and mentally challenged people by providing nutritious meals on a daily basis.


Under this initiative, Pahel delivers clothes to the underprivileged, women, physically challenged and senior citizens. These clothes are distributed in the summers, winters and monsoons.

Project Pagarkha

Pahel has provided shoes and slippers to all those who cannot afford it. In areas where there has been a lack of awareness of the safety of footwear and their role in preventing infections, the Project has educated people and provided footwear for free.

Project Mummy-Pappa

Pahel helps parents by giving away two pairs of shirts and pants to the men and two pairs of salwar suits or sarees to the women. The project also helps the population earn livelihoods, training people as tailors who sew these clothes.​

Project Happiness

Pahel visits old people’s homes to add some excitement to their lives by hosting fun activities. These include Yoga and laughter therapy. Elders are groomed with haircuts and head massages.

Yoga in Prison

Prisoners who lead a life of isolation and restrictions tend to develop mental and physical disorders. Under the Yoga in Prison program, Pahel is trying to equip them with ‘tools’ to work on their mental and physical wellbeing.​