Pahel Trust

Health & Hygiene

Project Shuddhi

We conduct 3-day programs on menstrual hygiene awareness. Around 1,000 adolescent girls attend these sessions which cover nutrition, yoga, meditation and period maintenance. The workshops distribute hygiene kits with sanitary pads and soap. The girls who attend these sessions share this knowledge with other family members, helping educate older generations as well.

Project Swajan

The Swajan Project distributes food, fruits, clothes and medicines in hospitals to those without relatives. Many patients do not have a care-giver or close relative living in the hospital with them. Pahel provides relief and nutrition to all these people.

Project Samajhna

Project Samajhna is an in-depth set of sessions on family planning. The series focuses on educating people on the use of contraceptives, the importance of having fewer children and the age gaps between offsprings.

Project Sparsh

Pahel donates petroleum jelly to children and elderly as part of this project. Since the communities work outdoors and are exposed to extreme heat conditions, their feet are prone to damage. Petroleum jelly helps keep their skin soft and prevents chapping.

Pahel Sanitary Pad Bank

Pad Bank for Schools is a Pahel-initiated effort where schools are equipped with sanitary pads, soaps, a menstrual health guide book and disinfectant liquid. This initiative helps many tribal adolescent girls in the region stay in school, who would otherwise skip classes during their monthly cycles. Pahel has made menstrual hygiene accessible for all school girls.