Pahel Trust


Project Rahat

Under project Rahat, Pahel has helped communities both during and after disasters. As many regions of the tribal belt are prone to floods, Pahel has helped families with food, water, clothes, blankets and medicines to families and hospitals. Pahel volunteers have also worked with communities to clear houses of mud and sand.

Project Jagruti

As the name Jagruti suggests awareness, Pahel runs an awareness campaign regarding various disasters and risks in the tribal region of South Gujarat. These campaigns explain floods and disseminate information on how to save people from hunger, property damage and safeguarding health.

Project Chatrachaya

Under project Chatrachaya, Pahel is working on capacity building measures to prepare for disasters. Fixing and improving foundations of structures, providing tarpaulin to slum dwellers before the monsoon to safeguard against heavy rains and storms. Pahel has distributed candles, match boxes, torches, etc to help communities prepare for the worst.

Project Sahay

Pahel provides financial help to families who have suffered from disaster. Families which have suffered personal as well as property loss have been given cash relief to help them stand on their feet.

Project Prachin Arvachin

In the olden times, local communities utilised traditional knowledge, skills and practices to safeguard from the hazards and calamities. As these age-old practices are dying out, Pahel is working towards documenting, sensitizing and promoting these good practices. Infrastructure, water management, use of native varieties of grains, etc are some of them.