Pahel Trust


The second surge of Covid-19 overwhelmed the healthcare system in India. Major cities struggled to deal with the crisis. Small cities and towns were much worse owing to an even greater scarcity of resources and facilities. Pahel witnessed the devastation and misery brought on to the tribal population in the region. We mobilized efforts to serve patients, their families as well as healthcare workers throughout the pandemic.

Medical kits

Covid-19 affected individuals and their families were given medicine kits based on doctors' prescription. We provided medical devices and medicine kits to frontline workers and families.

Dry ration Kits

Comprehensive ration kits with dal, rice, oil, spices and salt were given to the needy families in urban as well as remote tribal villages.

Cooked meals

Freshly cooked home food was served to patients as well as their caretakers and the medical staff throughout the pandemic phases. We reached the remotest parts of the region and provided help when needed.

Protections Kits- Mask and sanitizer

We distributed handmade Khadi and N95 masks to more than 1 lakh people.

Missed out communities

Pahel reached out to Banjara community, slums dwellers, old and destitute throughout lockdown and provided them relief in cash and kind.

Working with the farmers

Farming community, which bore the brunt of the pandemic, were given assistance by our team.

Frontline workers

We provided PPE kits, oximeters, medicines, masks, gloves and other essentials to the police and health professionals.


Homemade Ukhada (herbal decoction) using health professionals' advice and using the best raw materials was served to over a lakh people during the epidemic for immunity.

Migrants workers

Pahel helped migrant working communities with food, water, cash relief and transportation.

Vaccine awareness drive

To fight the vaccine hesitancy in the villages, Pahel is running an awareness drive in the tribal villages.


Families and individuals undergoing mental health issues were given counselling at the State Hospital as well as on phone by our professional psychologists.

Sanitary kits

Sanitary pads were distributed among vulnerable and needy populations.

Covid-19 Livelihood

Through various activities of Pahel, livelihood opportunities have been created for the marginal communities. Over 50 women have been employed in mask making and meal preparation.